Special Thanks

  • Steadman Clinic
  • Howard Head Sports Medicine Center
  • Dr. Philippon- Vail
  • Penny Bortz
  • Jane Roehrig
  • Sean Garney
  • Brooke Magstadt
  • Joe Pharez
  • Colleen Vantiem
  • Kristen Stagel


  • Dr. Ellis- OSU
  • John Dewitt
  • Chris Mckenzie


  • Dr. Viola-Vail
  • Kelly Platt


  • Sue Delay
  • Joe Scott


  • The Upper Arlington Boys Basketball Family
  • Stephanie, Ryan, and Kristen- UA Trainers
  • Christina, Armonde, Gigi, and Kasey
  • Emile Greenwald
  • Life-long Friends- Logan, Kevin, Harrison, Corbin, and many others.


  • My Family

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