A Fire inside

Here we were, in mid-January, halfway through the season.  I did in fact get back for the first game but I wasn’t fully there.  My conditioning was bad and I just didn’t feel right yet.  My shot wasn’t falling and my passes weren’t going where I wanted them to go.  My timing was off. Yeah, we  had only lost one game so far.  We had won our Christmas tournament in Missouri, but I still just didn’t feel the same.  I knew I could bring more to the table.  I was just waiting for it to turn on.  Then there came a point in the season where I guess I just got fed up with what was going on.  I got angry.  It was in the third quarter of a game against Thomas Worthington on January 17.  Coach sat me down when I wasn’t even playing bad.  We had only scored 18 points late in the third quarter and we were down to a team I knew we should be dominating.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  When he put me back in I played a whole different type of basketball.  I played angry.  I hit a big three and ended up leaving my fingerprints all over the rest of the game.  Now I’m a very modest person, but if you could talk to my teammates and the people at that game they’d tell you I turned that game around.  From that game  on things for me were different.  Everything seemed to start clicking.

photo (4)

Great 8 Classic Tournament Champions Jefferson City, Missouri

2 thoughts on “A Fire inside

  1. Such a joy watching you play this season. An incredible accomplishment just making it back to the court, but to dominate is incredible! Congrats Danny!

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