It wasn’t going to be easy.  I was up against the world.  Nobody thinks you’re going to recover.  Noone believes in you except yourself.  In Vail everybody believed in me.  Each person down the line.  Every person I met made me feel a part and that anything could be accomplished.  It would be hard but it would be worth it.  You have to be dedicated to your recovery.  And for athletes that’s pretty easy.  You’re trying to get back to the activity or sport you play and that has to be your motivation.  Not to be motivated by the people who doubt you but motivated by the people who believe in you and give you strength.  Vail was a life changing experience for me and I’ll never forget it.  I will always feel a part of Colorado because of the time I spent there.  I didn’t want to go home when I was there.  Everything seemed so perfect and I felt like nothing could go wrong while I was out there.The people I met and those that helped me recover I will never forget.  I will always feel like I owe them something for what they did for me.

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After Surgery

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Pool Rehab

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Howard Head Sports Medicine Center – Vail, Colorado